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POLY - Lite Survival Bundle

POLY - Lite Survival Bundle

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A lightweight, fun and flexible low poly resource kit that's perfect for prototyping or as an addition to a low poly world. 30 weapons including pistols, shotguns, rifles, light machine guns, snipers, launchers, grenades and explosives. Includes a modular mount system and many parts that allow you to customize this weapon as needed using scopes, barrels, grips and bipods.

This package is well suited for third-person or top-down viewing.
In addition to all this, the asset includes any details that may be needed to develop a survival game.

The whole package is created in polygon style with the ability to be used for merging with other packages in polygon style.

More than 1500 models for game development.

Several types of firearms with the possibility of customization.
Melee weapon.

Additional objects:
medicines, medicines, boxes and barrels, tents, backpacks, tents, tools, walkie-talkie and much more.

Included Assets:
POLY - Mega Survival Construction Kit 
POLY - Mega Survival Kit 
POLY - Mega Weapons Kit 
POLY - Mega Survival Medical Kit 
POLY - Mega Survival Tools
POLY - Survival Melee Weapons

â—¼ Mega Survival Kit v2.1 â—¼
Weapons (x14)
Weapon Utilities (x54)
Steel arms (x15)
Props models (x227)

â—¼ POLY - Mega Survival Construction Kitâ—¼
Modular (x321)
Interior and exterior (x80)
Props (x48)
Environment (x16)
Textures for terrain (x3)

â—¼ POLY - Mega Survival Medical Kitâ—¼
Military isolation point (x2)
Large tent (x1)
Modular (x36)
Props models (x151)

â—¼ POLY - Mega Survival Toolsâ—¼
Utilities (x50)
Tools (x70)
Steel arms (x25)
Props models (x39)
Environment (x35)

â—¼ POLY - Mega Weapons Kitâ—¼
Weapons (x32)
Weapon Utilities (x111)
Steel arms (x11)
Explosives (x9)
Ammunition (x102)
Props models (x29)

â—¼ POLY - Survival Melee Weaponsâ—¼
Melee Weapons (x57)

â—¼ Asset info â—¼
Models variation: 1500
Max poly count: 15000
Min poly count: 20
Textures count: 1
Textures size: 1024x1024 px

â—¼ Compatibility â—¼
- Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP)
- Support High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)

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